Videos of the youth group mission trip, July 19 - 26, 2008.
        Please click on the description to watch or download the video file, which can be opened with Windows Media Player or equivalent.

July 19   World Changers 2008 Travel, Stopover at Lebanon, Tennessee  

July 20   Head count before leaving Nashville for Springfield, Illinois  

July 21   This the send off from the first day. All teams gather for prayer before leaving for their work projects.  

              Anna, Ruth, & Ethan, first day of work  

              Anna, Ruth, & Ethan, first day of work, part 2  

              Dan's work project at 1953 Fairmont Road - Before the work begins. Work Team - Level Heads  

              Clip from the first night of worship at Rochester Middle School where we are staying  

              Cindy and Andrew's team  

              Dan's team  

              Luke, Michelle, Lisa, & Christine's crew update  

              Luke, Michelle, Lisa, & Christine's crew update part 2  

              Anna, Ethan, and Ruth's update  

              Nick and Joyce's crew update  

              Jessie and Cliff's crew update  

              Last crew update video to wrap-up  

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